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9000Pa Wireless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

9000Pa Wireless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

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Mini multifunctional car vacuum cleaner.
Multiple combinations of detachable gas nozzles.
Removable and easy to clean. Wireless and portable.
Suitable for cars, sofas, curtains, beds, wall doors, etc.
9000Pa super suction.
Intelligent temperature control, ultra-light weight.
LED light battery color change.
Can be used in summer, below 70°C.
There is charging overheating protection, when the temperature is higher than 50 °C, it will stop working and charging.
Use lithium battery.
HEPA filter, removable for cleaning.

Use note:
Open Machine: Long Press button more 2 seconds
Wireless Style: Press again to strong suction mode.

Q: Is it safe to charge the battery at high temperature?
A: The vacuum cleaner has over-temperature protection for charging. When the temperature is higher than 50℃, charging will stop.
Q: Can the vacuum cleaner be brought on the plane?
A: The vacuum cleaner uses a lithium battery and can be taken on board (consigned).
Q: What is the filter of the vacuum cleaner?
Q: Can the filter be washed with water?
A: It can be washed with water. It should not be soaked during washing, just rinse. In order to maintain better suction, it should be completely dried before use.

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